About Me

Words have always been a part of my life, starting with Little Golden Books, then stories about horses – yes, I was one of those horsey girls.  By the time I reached 13, I’d started writing love stories, passing the tales around a giggly group of schoolgirls, giggly because I couldn’t leave out the love scene, “They did it.”  From those early years reading and writing, I’ve never looked back.  Now I enjoy reading stories from all genres, but especially stories from the world of romance, the world that I love to create.Lisa

Inspiration comes from anywhere, like a chance meeting with rock stars near Brisbane’s Botanical Gardens – an encounter which led to the book, Dancer’s Crusade, written as part of my Masters degree in creative writing.  But the magnificent stately homes of England, the interesting people around them and the history surrounding them peak my interest and inspire me the most.  Armed with a National Trust card, life couldn’t be sweeter when touring the ornate castles and homes of the UK, and using my imagination to fill the rooms with people and their stories.

I’m an ex-radio announcer, who loves her day job at the ad agency, GPYR, my fortnightly meetings with my critique group, the HOGs, potatoes, cheese, and Haigs peppermint chocolate frogs.  I adore the sights, smells and sounds of motor sport, especially the high pitched scream of an F1 car – my one contradiction.

Otherwise, I am very much a girl – think pink, butterflies, and flowers. I live in an ornate 1920’s Queenslander, where my spare time is devoted to my wonderful husband, my dear little dog, and enjoying my wildlife menagerie of possums, scrub turkeys, and blue tongues.


Lisa Barry