My Books

Bright Lights and Shadows

After witnessing the traumas of childbirth at a very young age, sheltered heiress Lady Karalee swears never to marry, for marriage can only bring about trauma and death. However, it seems Queen Victoria, the loathsome Richard Garwood and even her cousin Phillip want to deny Karalee’s determination to avoid marriage.

European envoy Anson Mathias, known by rebels as Krvi Volk, Blood Wolf, is sent on what he hopes is his last secret mission: to find a bride for his older brother, the King of Daltonia. Lady Karalee fills the role perfectly. She must be protected at all costs – for her predecessors have been murdered. Except Anson’s guardianship develops into something greater.

How will Anson persuade Karalee to a future that she finds abhorrent?


Dancer’s Crusade

After a disastrous engagement, which almost ended her dancing career, the last thing Bel Patterson needs is another fling with a workmate, especially a workmate who she’s lied to and who happens to be her boss, but this boss is Nicholas Cartillier… more than just a magnetic rock star.

Saving Nick in order to interview him for the radio station had been easy. Unfortunately, Bel had hidden her identity to do it.  Now Nick has offered her the job of a lifetime, a job which returns her to her passion…dancing.

All Nick wants to do is escape… escape teenies, a lecherous manager and treacherous women.  From the moment she’d confessed she’d interviewed him without his knowledge, Bel’s honesty shone, but will she always be true?